SEARS Award Scheme


SEARS are reinstating an award scheme which used to run some years ago.

There are two awards, each carrying a cash prize of £50. All paid-up club members are eligible for entry except committee members.

The club committee will judge the entries and name the winners. The winning names and prizes will be awarded at the end of the Christmas social.

The two categories are as follows:

  1. The award for the club member contributing most to the running of the club will take the following into consideration:

Assisting at the rally, attendance at meetings, attendance at field events, helping set up tables/chairs at meetings, helping set up gazebo/antennas at field events, introducing new members, giving talks, assisting/encouraging/mentoring newer members.

In addition to the cheque the winning member will get to hold the Dave Speechley Cup for one year.

  1. The award for the club member showing the most improvement as a Radio Amateur will take the following into consideration:

Studying for/achieving first/subsequent license, being on air at field events, establishing/improving a working station at home, using different modes (DMR, SSB, data, CW), building ham equipment. Unfotunately there were no nominations for this prize this year.

This Year’s Winner

Our Worthy Winner who everyone thought has done so much for the Hobby over the year Peter Sipple  M0PSX.

Presenting the Prize this year Dave Ellis G4AJY