Another Successful Rally 2018

Although it was a cold February morning, this didn’t put anyone off from attending the 33rd Canvey Radio Rally. Despite several last minute hiccups (and a serious accident blocking access to Canvey) the Rally went ahead almost as planned. We had a few problems in the kitchen as half the equipment was U/S but our volunteers did a sterling job and , as usual, produced copious amounts of tea, coffee and of course our famous ‘bacon rolls’.

The highlight of the morning was the arrival of the BBC Essex Quest team who started the day’s quest from our Rally.

As is now traditional SEARS made a donation from the Rally proceeds. This year’s worthy cause was Essex Raynet to help with all their equipment upkeep. This cheque was presented by SEARS Chairman Terry Howchen G1FBW.

Despite the early problems and Sadler’s Farm throwing a spanner in the works The day was as successful as usual and most people, whether there for a bargain or just a natter, appeared to enjoy the day.

The Rally Organiser would like to thank all those who worked so hard to make it a success, especially the crew of members and XYLs in the kitchen and the guys who turned out Saturday afternoon to lay out the tables (even if we did have a last minute panic change on Sunday.